For beginners

For beginners

Welcome to an aerodynamic complex FLYARENA!

Wind-tunnel Flyarena – is a sport attraction for many people of any age, starting from 4 years old. This is a unique simulator of freefall, allows anyone to experience the same sensations as skydiving. Make your dream come true with us, be a part of something bigger and you will fall in love with the feelings of freefall

Cost of flight units (for beginners):

Flight time Cost for adults, rub. Cost for children, rub.
4 min 3000 2400
5 min 3500 2800
10 min 7000 5600
15 min 10000 8000
30 min 18000 14400
60 минут 30000 24000

How to reserve an appointment

  • Go to reservation section Buy certificate
  • Select date and time
  • Fill up information about yourself
  • Pay
  • Receive a conformation via your e-mail

First indoor Flight

Arrival to the wind-tunnel Flyarena is required one hour in advance before your appointment time. Our friendly front desk team will welcome you and give you all necessary information which you need before the flight. After filling up the registration form provided by instructor, you will have a brief instruction according your time inside the wind-tunnel, as well you will be given a suit, shoes, helmet and glasses.

The entire time at the fly area you are supervised by our experienced instructor who will help you to relax and teach you how to enter to the flight area and make the most of the lay on the airflow and acquire right body position for comfortable fly session. You just need to relax and enjoy!

After the session, you have to return inventory and go back to front desk where you receive diploma with the completed first flight at the wind tunnel. As well you can purchase photo and video.

At the top floor of the building you can enjoy a cup of coffee and fresh made bakery at our restaurant with a beautiful view to our Fly area.

Freefall forbidden for:

  • Kids under 4 years old· People with weight over 120 kg
  • Pregnant
  • people under the influence of alcohol and other drugs
  • people with blood circulatory disorders or heart disease
  • If the shoulder joint dislocated, flights are made only in retaining corsets.
  • People with musculoskeletal problems

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